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    John Deere Gator with snow blade attachment clears snow on snow-covered path.

    Carve your own path.

    Family on Christmas morning sitting around a fireplace and brightly lit Christmas tree opening John Deere toy tractors and gifts.

    Bright Ideas

    Share the gift of family. Explore our gift guide with ideas for the entire family.

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    Street scene with all trees, power lines, and two rows of parked cars buried in several inches of snow.

    Ready for Snowpocalypse?

    You will be, with equipment and attachments for every snow removal job.

    Prepare Now


    A wheel loader operator moves a section of pipe while another worker directs the placement.

    High-Water Mark

    Max Foote Construction builds first-rate water and wastewater treatment plants with the help of John Deere equipment.

    Vintage photo of P. Andrag & Sons of Capetown.

    Shipwreck, risky deals, rebellion

    In 1878, a ship carrying two John Deere Prairie Queen walking plows foundered. But the plows were recovered and then sold at auction in South Africa.

    Close-up of the World Yacht "Duchess"

    Serving a Slice of the Big Apple

    Every year, New York Cruise Lines' sightseeing vessels accommodate 1.2 million guests from around the globe — featuring some of New York City's most popular waterfront destinations and attractions.

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