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    The Landing

    close up of landing
    Winter 2020 cover


    • First Things First - Seaton Sawmill
    • Believe It - Camp Cobb
    • Down Time - Johnson Logging Racing
    • Deere Gear - Overcome Steep Slopes

    First Things First - Seaton Sawmill

    British Columbia sawmill puts First Nations people and the environment first.

    Believe It - Camp Cobb

    Alabama logger Ray Cobb ignored the doubters.

    Downtime - Sprint to the Finish

    In their downtime, Johnson Logging races sprint cars in the RaceSaver® Sprint Series.

    Deere Gear - Overcome Steep Odds

    The new 959ML can be factory configured for shovel-logging and directional-felling applications, making it easy to harvest logs in areas once thought impassable.