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    Gator? Utility Vehicles

    studio image of TE 4x2 Traditional Gator

    The Work Series

    The Work Series, our Traditional Gator™ Utility Vehicles, are easy to use, hardworking and provide unmatched productivity at speeds up to 25 mph. Cargo capacities range from 500 up to 1,200 lb. Units are available in 2WD, 4WD, and 6x4 configurations.

    Price starting at: $7,349.00* (USD).

    studio image of XUV560E

    Mid-Size Crossover UTVs

    Affordable 4WD, with fully-independent suspension for great ride quality, in a mid-size, narrower configuration for tight spaces. Up to 500 lb cargo handling capability. 2- and 4-passenger gas-powered models available.

    Price starting at: $8,399.00* (USD).

    studio image of the 825e

    Full-Size Crossover UTVs

    Step up in size and performance with a 1000-lb capacity cargo box and up to 2000-lb towing capability. These models are available in 2-, 3-, or 4-passenger, gas- or diesel-engines with optional factory-installed 3-person cabs, including heat and air conditioning.

    Price starting at: $12,899.00* (USD).

    studio image of rsx860i

    High-Performance UTVs

    The Gator™ RSX vehicles are trail ready and hard working with a dumping cargo box capable of up to 500-lb cargo capacity and a top speed of 60 mph. These 2-passenger 4WD units can even tow up to 1,200 lb.

    Price starting at: $10,999.00* (USD).

    studio image of MGator A1

    Military Utility Vehicles

    Military Gator™ Utility Vehicles, available only to US and Canadian Federal agencies, are specially designed to support the rigor and unique applications of military operations. They’re battle-tested, mission-customized and ready for duty.

    studio image of Turf Gator 2020A

    Turf Utility Vehicles

    The Gator™ Turf Utility Vehicles are engineered for the long haul, with heavy-duty gas and electric models, especially designed for Golf and Turf applications.

    Image of gator in field with mountians

    Which Gator? UTV is right for you?

    Find the Gator™ Utility Vehicle that's best for your task.


    Additional Gator Utility Vehicle Resources

    *Manufacturer's suggested price in USD. MSRP may be different in California. Shown with optional equipment not included in the price. Attachments and implements sold separately. Taxes, destination charge, freight, setup, and delivery not included. Equipment, models, features, options, attachments and prices may vary by dealer. John Deere reserves the right to change specifications, model features, design, and price of the products described here without notice.