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    Final Tier 4 engine piston cutaway

    Final Tier 4

    Industrial Engines

    Final Tier 4 (EPA Only) Industrial Engines

    Find the right Final Tier 4 engine for your application.

    EnginePower RatingsTurbochargingCooled EGRAftertreatment Configuration

    63-104 kW (85-140 hp)



    93-129 kW (125-173 hp)



    Close up of the John Deere logo on an engine block

    New Products

    Check out our latest engine and drivetrain components

    A smart, performance-driven approach to emissions compliance.

    You Have the Power

    Countless hours of lab testing, field prototype machines, and rugged off-highway applications have proven you don't have to sacrifice performance to comply with emissions standards.

    Designed for performance, reliability, and durability

    All John Deere Final Tier 4/Stage IV engines maintain power density, torque, and transient response — and that means more productivity, more uptime, and more value for your machines.

    Proven in the field

    • Components are designed and tested for the rigors of off-highway applications.
    • Dedicated in-house aftertreatment experts work to continuously improve performance.

    Promotes increased fluid efficiency

    • Cooled EGR approach is built on the proven fuel efficiency of PowerTech engines.
    • Continuously improving total fluid economy to help you save on operating costs.

    Provides a simple, complete equipment package

    • We design, manufacture, and service the engine, drivetrain, exhaust filter, ECU, cooling, and other vehicle systems.
    • 4,000+ worldwide service locations for support when and where you need it.

    You Have the Power

    Take your business wherever you want to go. Learn more about how John Deere works with OEMs on powertrain needs.